• Spetsofai – spicy greek sausages simmered in a pepper, tomato wine sauce
  • Pastourmopitakia - Crispy filo pastries with pastourma, kasseri & tomato filling
  • Bougiourdi - Ramekin baked melange of oozey greek cheeses, tomato, peppers and herbs

MAIN (Choose one)

  • Kotopoulo giouvetsi – Chicken, risoni simmered in a spicy sauce & cooked in traditional greek earthenware
  • Lahano dolmathes - Ground beef, herbs and rice stuffed cabbage leaves finished with a tangy avgolemono
  • Stifado - Choice of rabbit or beef casserole with baby onions, spices & mavrodaphne wine
  • Prasoselino - Pork, celery & leek casserole finished with avgolemono

GLYKA (Choose one)

  • Bougatsa – Crispy filo pastry filled with semolina custard and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar
  • Loukoumathes - Donut style dumplings drizzled with honey, crushed walnuts and cinnamon