My passion for Greek food is in the blood. My maternal grandfather (papou) Spiros was an acclaimed cook in the 50’s & 60’s in Alexandroupolis, Greece. My mother inherited her father’s love for food and I then from her. Mum has a great reputation for her cooking having worked in various restaurants, running her own catering business and being head cook for the Greek nursing home “Pronia” for a number of years. Her loukoumathes are legendary!

I haven’t received any “formal” training. My training comes from my grandmother (giagia), mum, aunties, family friends etc. Years of hosting huge family Christmas, Easter and Nameday feasts. I believe “training” like that is invaluable. Don’t misunderstand me my “rockstars” are the chefs and cooks that we all love. You know the ones!! Jamie, Nigella, Maggie Beer, Stephanie Alexander, Greg Malouf , Guy Grossi, George Calombaris etc. and my Greek food gurus Mirsini Lambrakis and Elias Mamalakis.

Our cooking classes are about the home cooked meals our mums, grandmas and aunties fed us whilst growing up (and still do!). I am yet to see a lot of these dishes in Greek taverns so this is our humble contribution to showing you that there is SO much more to Greek food than the well known mousaka and souvlaki. My love for my culture and Greek cuisine is a never ending learning experience and I look forward to sharing my finds with anyone who wants to learn.

Carol Takouridis